My Gear

In the USPSA production division and for  3 Gun competitions I shoot the Glock 17 Gen4 with the Warren Sevigny Competition sights.

In the USPSA Limited and Limited 10 Divisions I shoot the Brazos Custom BCG Pro chambered in 40 S & W which is built on the popular STI 2011 frame and has been customized by Bob Londigren to meet the very rigid performance standards of Bob and his Brazos custom firearms. I have added the Mitchell Machine right side Mag Catch because of being left handed.

In the USPSA Open Division I am shooting a Millennium Custom Open gun built on the STI 2011 frame and chambered in 38 Super Comp.  It has the C-More Slide Ride for its optics.  I have added the Mitchell Machine right side Mag Catch because of being left handed.

Holsters & Belts
In USPSA Competitions my belt is the Brass Monkey Performance  competition belt and inner belt and a Ready Tactical Drop and Offset Holster and Mag Pouches

For 3 Gun Competitions I use the Safariland ELS Belt System.  This allows for easy configuration between stages based on the needs of what you are shooting.  The holster is the newly released Safariland 7000 Series and the Mag pouches are Safariland as well.  For my shotgun shells I am using the Man Mountain Shot Shell Caddies that have been set up for the Safariland ELS System


The rifle I am using in 3 gun competitions is the CPWSA Carbine configured with a JP Enterprises matched upper and lower and bolt carrier group, a CMC drop in trigger group, Viking Tactics Alpha rail, Ops Inc. muzzle brake, TI-7 adjustable stock and utilizes a CPWSA Barrel that is been built to the very specific requirements of CPWSA.  The combination of components have been assembled based on the experience over years of Chris Patty and his shooters based on reliability, functionality and accuracy.  It is topped off with he Burris MTAC30 on a Burris P.E.P.R. mount


My shotgun started out  as a Benelli M2 Field.  It has been completely customized by Taran Butler at Taran Tactical Innovations. In addition to a complete trigger job, Taran installed his custom lightened bolt, re-machined the loading port and lifter, stippled the stock and forearm, installed his custom oversized bolt charging handle and bolt release and added a 9 round Nordic Components magazine tube extension. Because of the ease of changing them I use the Briley Mfg. Choke System.
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