Introduction to Firearms and Shooting Courses

This course focuses on the basics and fundamentals of shooting safety, firearms handling and marksmanship. If you just purchased a firearm and need some training this is the perfect class for you. This course will take you through the basic fundamentals needed to shoot safely and accurate. You will gain valuable experience and confidence as well as increase your skill level with the firearm.

Open to:
General Public

Course Eligibility:
No Prerequisites

Cost: $180 + Ammunition

Please bring the following gear to the course:

  • Pistol
  • 250 rounds of ammunition
  • At least 2 magazines for high capacity double stack firearms, 3 plus magazines for single stack firearms.
  • Eye and ear protection.
  • Comfort items such as sunscreen, bug spray, snacks, and drinks.

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Introduction to Firearms and Shooting

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With the 2022 competition season a wrap I look back and reflect on how fortunate I am to be supported by such great companies. Each of these companies provide best in class products to shooters and hunters and I am honored to represent them.

Huge thanks to @seekinsprecision_official, @vortexoptics, @eberlestock, @a3gmunitions and @harrisandsons for always being on the leading edge of innovation, providing quality that sets the industry standard and your support.


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Every once in a while there is a holiday idea that is pure genius. This is one of them!! ...

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Another stage from the @zoocity3gunchampionship Fall Brawl this weekend that had you on all 3 guns. This stage was a great example of how they challenged you to perform well with all guns. It had some smaller rifle targets in the woods and on the hill out to almost 400 yards, shotgun targets included 2 flying clays right out of the truck and some tight pistol shots on paper that had you flirting with no shoot penalty targets or a miss if you were too cautious. I was able to shoot this stage clean with no misses or penalties but should have been able to get thru it faster than I did. The freezing temps & numb fingers had everyone moving slower and more deliberately.

Thanks again to @jbyerly_3gun , @snappymotorsports , @buddybrown84, sponsors & RO’s for a great match to end the 2022 competition season with.


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Yes it’s Monday morning and it’s back to work but there is no hiding what’s going through my mind.

This weekend was the last major of the year which presented a wide range of challenges and the team at @zoocity3gunchampionship with @buddybrown84 and @zoocityarmory knocked it out of the park as usual. Thanks to everyone involved in putting the match including all of the RO’s that worked it and the sponsors that supported it.


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