J.Kenny Auto-Loading Lifter gives you a huge advantage over the competition.

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It’s like cheating


Developed by former world champion Josh Kenny, the J.Kenny & Co lifter allows you to begin loading directly into the magazine tube, from empty, even with the bolt locked back. Load directly into the magazine tube and the first round will be automatically chambered, leaving the gun ready to fire.

By eliminating the requirement to put a round into the chamber and release the bolt, precious seconds are saved. This is a massive advantage in a competition environment when loading the gun by increasing the speed of loading their gun by more than 30% from an unloaded start.

Gone are the days of running empty, and scrambling to put a single round into the breach before you can load more rounds into the gun. The auto-loading lifter allows you to always load into the magazine tube, no matter what state the gun is in.

Even if you run dry and the bolt locks back, simply load into the magazine tube and the Auto-Loading Lifter will automatically load the first round and close the bolt.

The lifter can be fitted without any modification required to the trigger group at all. Simply remove your original lifter and fit the J Kenny lifter, and you’re good to go.

See Additional Information for compatibility.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 1.5 × 1.5 in

The J Kenny & Co. Auto Loading Lifter has been designed and tested primarily for the Benelli M2 and Breda B12i.

It is also compatible with the 2 piece shell latches, such as the Ethos style shell latch.

It is also compatible with the A&S Engineering Trigger Guard.

This lifter will install and function reliably in all of the following:
* Breda B12i
* Benelli M1
* Benelli M2
* Benelli M3
* Benelli M4
* Benelli Montefeltro
* Any other Benelli that uses the same trigger group as the M1 / M2.


Each lifter is carefully made from top quality High-Carbon Steel which has strength and rigidity. It is then nickel plated for optimum finish and style.


Each lifter uses custom made, heat treated spring steel coil springs which ensure maximum reliability and longevity.