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MINDSET: THE MOST IMPORTANT DEFENSIVE TOOL This is a reprint of an article published at Personal Defense Network   What people typically think of when we talk about defensive tools. Photo: Author Guns, knives, and pepper spray are typically what people think of when discussing important defensive tools, but I see it differently. Let meContinue reading

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Another happy @seekinsprecision_official HIT rifle owner.


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Hunting season is in sight but do you have what you need? If you are still looking for that perfect hunting scope check out the @vortexoptics Razor LHT line. Built with the top quality Razor glass, they have 3 great choices that were all designed specifically for hunting. There are two 3-15 power versions; A 3-15x42 and a 3-15x50 both of which are second focal plane scopes. The third model (which is shown in this post) is a 4.5-22x50 first focal plane scope which is geared towards those hunts requiring longer range shots.

I have been using both of the 3-15 versions on my @seekinsprecision_official Havak rifles in 6.5PRC & 300 WinMag with great success. I can’t wait to get this mounted on my Seekins Element 300PRC and push it out to longer distances.


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Some light poolside reading from the fine folks at @appliedballisticsllc. This is newest book with the most up to date information on long range shooting. @bryan_litz_ballistics once again does a great job of presenting the information with data to support it. Every time I go through one of his books I learn so much more about ballistics and what impacts your percision and accuracy. Some of the common myths dispelled and replaced with real information that will yield real results.


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Some #FullAutoFriday to set the weekend mood.

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Thanks to @urbancaveman_blacksmithing for this great neck knife. Very low profile and lightweight option that can be carried regardless of what you are wearing. The workmanship is excellent and it will make a perfect defensive tool or back up tool on those early morning runs.


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Opening day is about a month away and my choice of rifle and gear is the @seekinsprecision_official Havak PH2, @vortexoptics LHT 3-15 scope, @kgmtechnologies R30 suppressor and the @eberlestock HalfTrack pack. Best in class products purposely designed to get the job done when it counts under all conditions.


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