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GTI Legion Non-Conventional Elevated Sniper Training (NEST)

I was fortunate enough to spend a weekend at the GTI Legion facility to do some long range sniper training.  This was not your typical long range shooting class.  WeContinue reading

1 mile shot

Took the Seekins Precision HIT Rifle out to Clinton House Plantation in South Carolina to take their 1 mile shot challenge.  We were shooting at a 1 MOA (18″) roundContinue reading

2022 Shooting Season Highlights

I can’t thank my sponsors enough for their support.  Seekins Precision, Vortex Optics, Eberlestock, Harris & Sons and A3g Munitions have been great to work with.  Their products are bestContinue reading

Seekins Precision RVL Line Up

The innovative Seekins Precision RVL line up makes adjusting your rifle set up very quick and easy. It is a tooless system for added and removing picatinny rails to anyContinue reading

Seekins Precision CQ PDW Demo & Information

Thanks to my fine friends at Seekins Precision for sending me one of their CQ PDW Rifles to test out and demo.  This SBR is phenomenal with the quality andContinue reading

Comparision of the Sig 365XL & 365 by James Reeves

Here is an excellent and thorough comparison of the new Sig Sauer P365XL to the P365. Click here to watch video

Stage 6 – 2018 Fort Benning Multi-Gun Championship

This is Stage 6 of the 2018 Fort Benning Multi-Gun Championship. The 3 day match is historical one of the best multi-matches in the South East.

Basic Firearms Training for a New Shooter by Rob Pincus

One of Rob Pincus’ missions is to show how easily and quickly people with no experience can get started with the fundamental skills of defensive shooting. In under ten minutes, Rob teaches a new shooter basic firearms training using some simple commands: “Extend the gun – touch the trigger – slowly and smoothly press the trigger.”

Upcoming Training

Fill the freezer season is just around the corner so it’s time to make sure everything is ready.

The 300PRC @seekinsprecision_official Element with the @vortexoptics LHT 4.5-22 FFP scope weighs in at under 7.5lbs and is perfect choice for those longer treks on the hunt. Add the lightweight @eberlestock Modular vapor pack and you are ready to go.

Zeroed ✅
Dope acquired ✅
Impact 535 yards ✅
Ready for the season ✅

#ThatBulletTrace 👀

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A classic from the archives. It’s as funny today as it was 5 years ago. My buddy Steve wasn’t quite prepared for this stage and fortunately for us it was caught on video and I couldn’t help@but a few of my touches to the video.

The video also captures so much of the good times that we have with our shooting family.


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Lots of work got done at the range yesterday with @michael_berger21 & I. Finished with a solid positional & transition practice session with targets out past 500 yards.

I’m shooting the @a3gmunitions 75grn 223 ammo. Match it up with the @seekinsprecision_official NX15 and the @vortexoptics Razor Gen III 1-10 scope for incredible accuracy & consistency.


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I have been carry the @streamlightinc Wedge as my EDC for a couple of years and it’s one of the best EDC lights I have ever had. I had a chance to see their new Wedge XT this weekend and it is going to be a huge winner for EDC. Compact, bright and the same battery as the full size Wedge they left nothing out.

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Took out the @kalashnikovusaofficial AK47 out for a change of pace yesterday. Put about 50 rounds through it before running it in the match. Definitely a fun gun to run but very different from my traditional AR.


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The @memorial3gun sun slayer hoodies have been hugely popular and paid off big for us in todays match.

All proceeds go to the foundation and supports our Gold Star Families. It comes in Grey and White. Get yours at

If you want more details about support the foundation and it’s mission please reach out to me.

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