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Had a great time shooting a team 3 gun match with my brother @goochagogo who had to do the heavy lifting carrying the old man.

We had an awesome squad filled with most of our shooting tribe. Thanks to @barrel_sniffer & his team for all their hard work in making the match happen. Special thanks to the sponsors for loading the prize table for those that showed up. I missed getting an awesome bottle from @aswdistillery from the prize table but I did pick up a nice @huntershdgold gift certificate off the table.

Both of us ran our twin Memorial 3Gun @seekinsprecision_official NX15’s rifles today and as always they performed flawlessly.


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Spent time with the great folks from @lowaboots to see their new offerings at @shotshow. The Zephyr boot has been my go to boot for quite a few years. Their new updated Zephyr MK2 GTX takes the features and quality to a new level with a new slip, heat & fuel-oil resistant outsole. The new mid sole insulates against heat & cold with great durability & waterproof breathability.

Huge thanks to the team at Lowa for setting me up with a couple of pair of these new Zephyr MK2 boots for my next journeys.


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Kicked off the 3 Gun Competition season this weekend with a charity match to raise money for the @memorial3gun Foundation. The match was hosted by the Marion Road Gun Club and match director @tonsofgunsoffun did not hold back.

The match was a great mix of challenges for all 3 guns and was run flawlessly. Most importantly the match raised $5,000 for the Foundation in support of our Gold Star Families.

Thanks you to Lance, Marion Road Gun Club and their staff for all their hard work. Also thank you to the RO’s for taking care of the shooters. Finally a huge thanks to all of the sponsors that made the match and donations possible.


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@memorial3gun has announced this year’s honorees for our 2024 memorial 3 gun event.

1st Group Reymund Transfiguracion
3rd Group Christopher Falkel
7th Group Jeffrey Kettle
10th Group James Sartor
75th RR Bradley Rappuhn
160th SOAR Vincent Marketta
NSW SEAL Brendan Looney
MARSOC Kerry Kemp
AFSOC Forrest Sibley
NSW SEAL Donald McFaul

Please make arrangements to join us for yet another year of remembrance to our fallen brothers.


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Two more @seekinsprecision_official Havaks for a customer got custom finishes from @king.of.camo. Their work is top quality and their creativity is off the charts.


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The details of the shooting yesterday at the Kansas City Chief’s celebration are still very limited. One thing we do know is that this individual and others that either helped him or help the wounded saved lives.

The unfortunate reality is that evil exists and it is among us. Even when law enforcement is right there, they are still too far away to take action timely. We need to be prepared to respond when facing evil. There is no way to know how many lives were saved by their actions but it is clear that for some they are safe today because of him and the others that responded.

Take the time to invest in your preparedness and training. Your safety is your responsibility.

My thoughts and prayers are with those impacted by this shooting.


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