Useful Links

Personal Defense Network
This is a fantastic site full of articles and videos related to personal defense. Rob Pincus and his team of contributing editors are continuously adding new information on a regular basis.

I.C.E. Training Company
ICE Training offers resources to those that are interested in personal defense. It is closely related to the Personal Defense Network and offers training for both armed and unarmed defense that is based on the Combat Focus and Intuitive Defensive Shooting system developed by Rob Pincus.

Intuitive Defensive Shooting
This site is the central site for the Intuitive Defensive Shooting system. You will find a full schedule of classes offered by instructors around the world including myself along with valuable information about the system the related training.

Law of Self Defense
Andrew Branca has been practicing law for over 30 years and is a leading authority on Self Defense Law. He has a regular blog that covers a wide range of self-defense topics that help you understand your rights and how the laws are applied. His detailed analysis is always insightful and helpful especially if you maintain a firearm as part of your personal defense tools.

Firearms Policy Coalition
FPC is a nonprofit organization that advocates for individuals’ constitutional rights especially those protect by the 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, 5th Amendment and 14th Amendment. They are truly a grassroot organization working in the trenches to keep our rights protected.

2nd Amendment Organization (2AO)
2AO is a nonprofit, non-political, grassroots organization with a focus on engaging, educating, and equipping all shooters, firearms owners and pro-Second Amendment businesses in order to protect and preserve the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and to connect pro-Second Amendment businesses with like-minded consumers.

Walk the Talk America
Walk The Talk America funds research and development for outreach and promotion of mental health to reduce the misconceptions and prejudices that exist when it comes to mental illness and firearms. We believe we can be a catalyst for change by working with experts in the mental health industry.

Georgia Carry
This organization provides a voice for gun owners in Georgia to insure that citizen’s 2nd Amendment Rights are not infringed on. It is also a clearinghouse of information related to firearms laws in the state of Georgia.

American Suppressor Association
ASA is the unified voice of the suppressor industry. They are the world’s leading subject matter experts on suppressors and suppressor related advocacy. They fight for pro-suppressor reform nationwide and are boots on the ground in the fight to legalize and deregulate suppressors.

The National Rifle Association is widely recognized as the major political force and as America’s foremost defender of 2nd Amendment rights.

A3G Munitions
A3G Munitions is a top quality ammunition company providing competition quality Ammo for all your needs. They have decades of experience and have built tried and tested recipes for you shooting needs.

Atlanta 3 Gun
A3G hosts monthly matches from a wide range of disciplines including 3 Gun, USPSA, Carbine and falling steel. They host 2-4 matches each month and are very new shooter friendly.

United States Practical Pistol Association is the sanctioning body for Practical Shooting competitions across the country.