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Dustin A.
My wife and I started working with Jeff as soon as we made our first gun purchase. Jeff came to our house and went through all of the safety and beginner’s information with us. This helped us a ton! After we got more comfortable, we started doing range training with Jeff. He has been such a great teacher and a wealth of knowledge on all levels. He’s extremely patient, helpful and makes it a lot of fun. I highly recommend doing your training with him!!
Erika K.
Jeff is such a generous guy. His method of teaching on the range is a perfect combination of attentive yet relaxed and enjoyable. He catches the little details and give tips that significantly improve shooting. I highly recommend!
Karina A.
Jeff taught myself and a few of my friends a couple weeks ago. He is an extremely talented and knowledgeable arms instructor. He took the time to teach each one of us individually at whatever level we were at. I felt safe knowing that he is also certified to help in case of a medical emergency, as we were about an hour from the closest hospital. I'm looking forward to working with Jeff and learning from him!!
Justin B.
Jeff has been an awesome person to know in the shooting community. When I first got into shooting handgun and rifles Jeff was the first person I went to for information. He’s been a great instructor and coach form firearm basics to shooting competitively.
Hank D.
Hand down the best money I have spent on training.  The information and experience with Jeffrey was unlike any other class I have taken.  His knowledge and ability to teach how to apply the skills he teaches was excellent.  I would highly recommend those that are interested in defensive firearm training to look for a class with Jeffrey.

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GO ARMY…beat navy

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Initial testing of the new @garmin Xero C1 Pro Chrono was nothing short of fantastic. Set up is super easy and the menu system is very straightforward and easy to navigate. The screen is easy to see and the flexibility of placement is far more forgiving than other chronos. I shot 3 different suppressed rifles including a 22LR and it didn’t miss a single shot. Because of its size and ease of set up I expect this to be standard equipment in my range bag.

Next test up will be a comparison between the readings from the Garmin, Lab Radar and Magneto Speed.


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After a long morning hike with my boy I’m taking in some college football with my 75 pound lap dog.


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Repost: @zoocity3gunchampionship

The @zoocity3gunchampionship Fall Brawl has quickly become the competition season finale of choice. Great match, great fun and great people. We had tons of fun, lots of laughs and no shortage of challenging stages. Thanks to the Zoo City team for all their hard work and special thanks to the RO’s and sponsors who make the match possible.

Registration for their sister match Battle of the South opens up December 1st.


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Just got the new @garmin Xero C1 Pro Chrono in and this is a game changer. The size is just a little larger than a business card and the set up and easy of use is very straightforward. It makes it very easy to get a quick velocity read anytime you need. More details to come after I have had a chance to test it with a range of firearms. ...

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