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The boys got together at the range to wreak Havak!!! Four @seekinsprecision_official Havaks PH2’s getting ready for hunting season.

Two in 6.5 Creedmoor and two in 300 WinMag. All 4 of them outfitted with @kgmtechnologies Suppressors and @vortexoptics Scopes.


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Sometimes you just know what your dog is telling you.


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It’s finally Friday!! Who is ready for the weekend? Any guesses what my weekend plans are?

A few of my favorite things:
✅ Freshly Painted Targets
✅ @seekinsprecision_official SP10 M Series
✅ @ford Bronco


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Got to grab some dinner with my high school best friend. Living across the US from each other, we don’t get together too often but we don’t miss a beat when we do. We met 45 years ago in the summer of before our freshman year in high school when we both jumped out the classroom window after roll call to ditch class and have been friends ever since.


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The AR platform is the most commonly owned firearm made. It’s modularity allows you to build or adapt it to a wide range of uses from competition to hunting to personal defense. The range of calibers is equally as flexible.

Here are 3 great offerings from @seekinsprecision_official built for distinct different uses.

The CQ-PDW with the @vortexoptics Sparc AR Solar and the @kgmtechnologies R556 Suppressor is an SBR built for personal defense although I have shot it in competitions as well.

The NX15 with the Vortex Razor Gen III 1-10 scope is my primary competition rifle for 3 gun.

The M series SP10 with a Vortex Razor HD 3-18 scope and the KGM R30K suppressor is set up for longer ranges and hunting. This is a 308 but it comes a multiple calibers including a 6.5 Creedmoor.


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