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The meaning of Memorial Day so eloquently said by @realleifbabin. #MemorialDay #HonorTheFallen #NeverForgotten ...

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My annual 10 mile Memorial Day ruck is complete. This is my opportunity to reflect, remember and honor the brave heroes we have lost fighting for our country. Honoring them is not a once a year event. We should honor them each day in how we live our lives. Take time today to remember them and their families.

I am blessed to be the Lead Ambassador for the @memorial3gun Foundation which gives the opportunity to honor our fallen and their Gold Star Families across the country at matches and events I travel to.

I am thankful to be able to represent such great American companies such as @seekinsprecision_official, @eberlestock, @vortexoptics & @notchgear all who are incredible supporters of our military.


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Today is a day of reflection and remembrance. We can never forget the lives lost fighting for our country.

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Unbelievable footage of a stop gone bad. It’s easy to sit in our living rooms and second guess law enforcement. This will give a perspective of what they are up against and how things change so quickly. This incident took 5-6 seconds. In the full video the officers noticed an ankle monitor on the suspect and ask about weapons. The suspect, of course, said he had no weapons. Fortunately the officers did not let their guard down. The officer that was shot is expected to fully recover. To all my LEO friends stay safe out there.

On another note I often get questions about carrying one in the chamber when carrying a firearm. My response is the question “Why wouldn’t you?” For those that ask that question, this should answer it pretty clearly.


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Getting ready for a new adventure in little over a month so I am doing some gear testing. This is the @bigfoot_bushcraft Fire Plugs. I have never used them and with the breezy conditions figured it would be a good test before I decide to put them in my pack. The initial test was impressive. A couple of solid strikes with the Ferro rod and it flamed right up. Nestle it down in a good pile of tinder or some separated jute it should be pretty easy to get the fire roaring. #Flamestarter #SurvivalGear #Bigfoot #Bushcraft ...

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I know it’s only #Wednesday but I’m ready to “Hit” the weekend. Great time a few weeks ago shooting the @americandefensetarheelchalleng. Shot in the new modified division which allows a red dot on the pistol and bipod on the rifle. Definitely need some more work with the red dot. My rifle and shotgun were very solid all match. I did have one stage I would like back. @clintonhouseplantation is an amazing shooting facility with a huge variety of shooting available. I will be back shooting PRS in a few weeks and will try my hand at some 22 PRS next month.


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