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Intuitive Defensive Shooting Courses

Intuitive Defensive Shooting

The Intuitive Defense Shooting Program is an Intuitive shooting program designed to help the student be more Efficient with a defensive firearm in the context of a Dynamic Critical Incident…


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Both @michael_berger21 and I ran our @seekinsprecision_official HIT Rifles at this weekend’s match and every time they get even more impressive. Both had @vortexoptics scopes on them and mine was suppressed with the @kgmtechnologies R65 suppressor. For a non-custom rifle loaded with all of its features, I don’t think you will find a better choice. The quality and consistency has been incredible in all the conditions that we have put it through this last couple of years.


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This Accuracy International Long Range Classic was loaded with challenges and one of the toughest matches I have shot. They checked the box on almost every category.

✅ Targets out to just under 1,100 yards
✅ 2 movers on 1 stage(300 & 500 yds)
✅10” plate at 400 yards from a swinging platform (the dreaded boat)
✅2 Plate racks on 1 stage at 500 & 700
✅KYL Rack at 400 yards
✅2 unknown distance stages with no rangefinders allowed
✅one stage with no props like bipods & bags shot standing, kneeling, sitting, prone & finish with standing again

The targets were small but fair and the match was a ton of fun. @long_gunner, his crew and the folks at @altusshooting did an amazing job. Thanks to all the sponsors and everyone that worked so hard on the match. I will be back.

Huge thanks to my sponsors for their continued support @seekinsprecision_official, @vortexoptics, @eberlestock, @a3gmunitions and @harrisandsons


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Just one of the stage props we shot from today. The amount of movement that you saw through your scope on recoil was crazy. You had to time your shot in order the get the hits on the 10” pie plate target at 400 yards. This stage broke many hearts today.


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First day of the Accuracy International Long Range match is in the books. This is one of the hardest matches I have ever shot. It challenges your understanding of your ballistics, your ability to use your reticle as a tool to range and identify targets and run your system efficiently. If you are not a well rounded shooter then it is going to find the gaps. @long_gunner and his crew have put together a great match with a wide variety of stages.

This stage was my best stage of the day going 10 for 10. The @seekinsprecision_official HIT Rifle and @vortexoptics Razor is solid system and made for matches like these.


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One of the many remnants of this past weekends Run N Gun.

I made a brilliant decision to run up a muddy slope out of a creek. It was a brilliant decision until about 3/4 of the way up when the mud gave way and then I began to contemplate the intelligence of my decision as I once again proved Isaac Newton’s theory of gravity.


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Kicked off the morning at @cummingstrengthandfitness with probably the hardest thing I’ll do today.

5,000 meter row stopping every 3 minutes for 10 burpees so the faster you got the 5,000 meters in the fewer burpees you did. Needless to say 100 burpees were on the board before it was all done.

Hey @matty__nelson those burpees are for you. #IYKYK


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