Fundamentals of Intuitive Defensive Shooting Courses

The Fundamentals of Intuitive Defensive Shooting is a one-day course that will expose the student to all the core principles and fundamentals of the Intuitive Defense Shooting Program. This course will cover the basics of intuitive defensive shooting, Combat Accuracy, The Balance of Speed & Precision, an introduction to the understanding the Body’s Natural Reactions during a Dynamic Critical Incident, understanding the integration of lateral motion and additional concepts as time allows.

This Course will provide the student with an understanding of true Counter Ambush training with a defensive firearm, base level defensive shooting skills and a training methodology for continuing to develop those skills.

Open to:
General Public / Law Enforcement / Military / Private Security

Course Eligibility:
No Prerequisites

Cost: $220

Please bring the following gear to the course:

  • Pistol
  • Good quality belt, holster and magazine carrier that can withstand heavy use
  • 500 rounds of ammunition
  • At least 3 magazines for high capacity double stack firearms, 5 plus magazines for single stack firearms.
  • Eye and ear protection.
  • Comfort items such as drinks/snacks
  • Sunscreen and bug spray if training outdoors

If you serve or are employed in an armed capacity, we recommend you train with your duty gear. For concealed carry permit holders, we recommend that you start the course with an outside the waistband holster but bring your concealed carry rig if you want to get some reps using that setup.

Students should arrive at 8:30AM and be ready to begin class by 9:00AM. Plan on about an hour lunch break, and an ending time of between 5-6PM. There is a debriefing at the end of the day.

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Fundamentals of Intuitive Defensive Shooting

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Just saying my birthday is in a few weeks and if you are looking for ideas. Robot dog with an RPG launcher on his back is a perfect gift.


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Added the new @agilitetactical Six Pack Hanger Pouch to my K19 Plate Carrier and took it out for a first run this morning.

I was impressed with its design. It adds a good amount room without being too big that your movement is hindered. The zippers are easy to get to for convenient one-handed access to the pockets. The tourniquet sleeve with the Velcro flap insures that it can’t fall out like other sleeves. This is definitely a great upgrade to add more room to your carrier when needed.


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@seekinsprecision_official setting the standard in long guns.


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Another PR this morning. The fall like temps were a welcome relief for the summer temps we have had.


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